The gaming license is provided by the Washington State Gambling commission that does a plethora of checks to make sure that the player id qualified enough to play online gambling.

The background checks usually last for more than 90 days. Because gambling is also governed by the law and should abide by the rules set by the state law.

Here is some information that might be helpful for you to understand the process to get a gaming license in Washington

Washington State Gambling commission

How to avail the license for gaming?

Once the player sends the application for the state gaming license in Washington it is forwarded to a specialist who is in charge of analyzing the background of the player.

There are various aspects that are checked and verified before the issue of the license. The criminal records of the player are checked to ensure that the person was not involved in illegal business and the money used in gambling is not from some criminal source.

A special agent is asked to verify the provided details by contacting you and some legal corporate papers may be asked. To get a Washington state gaming license one must prove that they are eligible to hold the license.

license for gaming

How many days does it take after the verification?

If your verification was successful, and your application approved the license will be provided to you within one or two days via email.

If your verification failed, you will be sent with the list of reasons ranging from your criminal records, insufficiency of information and so on.

Now that you know the process it is time for getting a gaming license in Washington. You can only play gambling games in Washington state if you possess the license to play state gambling games.