IQ Option has a proprietary trading platform and instruments to enable customers to access fiscal markets and online trading. The interface and elements stand out. It is exceptional for what other binary trading platforms contain. They have gone a step further to model a more advanced system.

The broker’s software consists of tools such as take profits and stop-losses. Those are features you won’t find with standard binary operators. Additionally, there is also a top-up feature that allows the traders in risk management and choosing trading strategies. Through the mechanism, investors can keep their position open even past the stop loss.


IQ Option Europe Limited operates under Info field Premier Ltd of Registration number HE324593 and Investlab Holdings Ltd of Registration Number HE327751. Traders have a guarantee of safety and protection since the latter is under the regulation of CySec.

Iq Option regulation

Strategy Tools

The trading price and strike price are intuitive and clear. It is a similar case with the charts and graphs. Traders can easily change between markets and assets due to its simplified navigation.  Additionally, you can easily configure and customize the entire layout. It means that traders can shift numerous graphs or analysis tools to where they want according to their trading strategy. The customizable features propel IQ Option to the list of the best trading platforms.

You can find trading using this platform in the web version or find IQ Option login information for mobile devices including Andriod and IPhone/IOS. Besides, there is a downloadable version for Mac and PC. The download is relatively faster. Moreover, the broker provides a mobile platform. The PC download is the best for its rapid trade execution periods. But generally, all the platforms are steadfast.

As at the moment, they don’t have integration to MetaTrader 4. Therefore, it is crystal clear that IQ broker’s software stands amongst the most complex trading platform you can come across in the binary industry. That is mainly among the over the counter brokers.

There are no opening times since the website runs for 24 hours throughout the seven days week. You only find the assets when their relevant market is operational. Trading of most of the Forex pairs occurs round the clock, so they are usually available. However, you can only trade the United States stocks when the NYSE is operating.


In addition to having an inspiring user interface, traders are also free to alter their chart’s appearance on the trading platform. You can choose a bar, line, area, or candlestick.

There are 18 varying intervals through which you can choose the period for the candlestick and bar charts. Besides, you can use numerous graphs to verify trade over more than a single time frame.

Additionally, traders can use different tools, including the drawing line tool, to create their live charts trends. The latest updates also came with plenty of technical analysis features. You can lay indicators such as relative strength index and Bollinger bands over the chart. It comes with more than 15 different indicators.

The charting allows active traders to identify opportunities in different time frames using price action patterns. Therefore, they are likely to make correct predictions.

Traders can carry out multiple trades on the same graph. Probably, that is the most significant feature of the IQ Option;’s trading platform. It is particularly crucial when you want to apply more complex trading signals and trading strategies. It is easy to implement the Martingale and Turbo strategies due to the ability to track open positions on the same chart. The trading sizes lie between $1and $10,000 on classic options.

Forex and Crypto Products

The newer products, such as cryptocurrency and forex trading, show slightly different options depending on your trading market. For example, forex investments come with leverage and stop-loss elements.

Besides, assets that you trade through CFDs, for example, Ethereum and Bitcoin, have no expiry time. However, they have a take profit and stop loss command. The new development also makes it possible to trade during the weekends. The appearance and experience are similar throughout the trading range. Additionally, the trader can access all the vital information.

IQ Option Mobile App

The mobile application at IQ Option goes hand in hand with enhancing the custom-built trading platform. It delivers a faultless mobile user experience. The trading section is similar, and the buttons and interface look and feel like those of a desktop download or full website.

IQ Option mobile

The mobile app is a tailored product for every operating system. Therefore, the Android app suits the android devices, while the iOS app is solely for the iPad and iPhone. The customization allows the trader to get the best from their devices. That is the attention to detail that makes IQ Option so popular.

Trading Options

The broker has been consistent in adding to its portfolio of underlying assets. Investors can trade the four major assets, such as equities, commodities, forex, and indices. IQ Option is also very responsive to the demand of its clients. For example, the range of cryptocurrency is now massive.

FX Options

IQ Option incorporates FX Options to their portfolio. A hybrid between traditional forex and binary options, FX Options provides traders in the European Union an alternative to binaries. The latter faces a ban in the EU by the ESMA. Therefore, IQ Option wishes to come up with a similar product but not within the ban’s confinements. The options allow traders to pick their won strike price. Besides, they can trade lower or higher from there.

CryptoCurrency Multipliers

IQ Option has come up with yet another element, cryptocurrency multiples. The underlying price remains the critical element, but the multiplier gives a magnification to the trade. It significantly raises the potential profit or loss for any deal that the trader makes.

Deposit & Withdrawals

You can deposit at IQ Option through several methods. Although some are the widely accepted payment options they vary with the country, including credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies. European traders usually make payments through debit cards. The broker has introduced AstroPay to smoothen transactions from countries that had fewer options in the past.

Deposits can be made using a range of options – these will vary based on the user country. Still, popular methods include debit and credit cards, e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller, and even cryptocurrencies via the Hodly service. Bank transfers via debit card remain the most popular option for European based traders.


IQ Broker is popular in the industry, mainly due to its outstanding features. It leaves nothing to chance for improving traders’ experience. Besides, the broker operates under the regulation and licensing of CySec. Therefore, investors have a guarantee for their safety and protection.