With the increasing popularity of slot machines that include in the gambling population, it is necessary to understand the difference between different categories of these slot machine games also termed as a ‘class’.

There are several types of class in slot machine games that are used in casinos. All the rules and regulations are set by a standard that either the casinos or the state. Let us try to understand the difference between Class 2 and Class 3 slots

What are Class 3 slots?

Let us start by understanding what these classes of slot machines have to offer. The slot machines have the common system of Random Number Generators (RNG).

Class 3 slot machines are nothing but the electronic version of the bingo games. There can be any number of players that can take part but the player has to be lucky enough to get the number they have drawn.

All the slot machines are designed in a different way so one cannot expect all the Class 3 slot machines to work the same.

The main difference in Class 2 vs Class 3 slots are there are more chances of the players winning in the Class 3 slot machines than in Class 2 because the random number generated is limited to a certain level of permutations.

Are the games in Class 2 slot machines easier to win?

As mentioned earlier the Class 2 slot machines offer games that are slightly harder to win such as the Powerball.

The Class 2 slot machines are different because it follows a different set of rules, they are not tested by any government organizations.

class 3 slots

Mostly the battle of Class 3 vs Class 2 slot machines is clearly won by the former because Class 2 machines are likely to be designed by the casinos in a way that it rolls out less profit for the winners and more for the casinos.

This the reason people are using less of Class 2 machines and the decline of these kind machines which are self-regulated by the casinos. They are most popular in the U.S.

Before choosing where to put your luck into the test make sure you choose the right slot machines that are more likely to give you the desired outcome. You can either win big or lose some because there are 50-50 chances of both winning and losing.