The majority of people love to live in big cities because they can get everything that they want and there will be several things to entertain them.

In this case, the Pacific Northwest is the place where you can enjoy a lot with the mild climates, abundant hiking possibilities, sceneries, infinite supply of business sources and also the booing economic status.

Two big cities of the Northwest have grabbed the attention of the people that is Seattle and Portland.

When it comes to Portland vs Seattle living, both of these cities have their charm but the cost of living might get differs.

Living cost of cities

Most of the people used to ask that cheaper to live in Seattle or Portland, the fact is the living cost of the Portland is cheaper than Seattle.

cost of living

The requirements are very high to lead a normal life like house, food, clothes and much more. Especially rental prices are more expensive than Seattle but the wages also very high for the workers.

The main reason for the higher rental prices in Seattle is due to the population of the city and the geographical layout also gets influenced. The price might get grow but never going to reduce in Seattle.

The technology sector is also keeping on growing in these northwest cities and that increases the living cost of the cities.

The local culture and the natural scenery spots may stun you and there are so many entertainment factors for the people to go through.

These things might make things difficult for you but it also offers so many ways to make money. The cost of living in Seattle and in Portland has a big difference, especially in their rental prices.

Final words

With the booming economy, local culture scenes and the stunning nature both of these cities have a lot to offer you. But at the same time living cost also high then your expectations.